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Space & Gear

Live room

Production room

Sound booth

Apogee Ensemble Preamp + A/D

ART Tube Opto 8 Preamp

Tascam DR680 field recorder/mixer 

Zoom H4n field recorder


Distressor compressor (x2)

ADL 1000 Tube compressor/Limiter

Neumann U87

AKG 414

AKG D112

AKG perception 120

Rode NT5 (x2)

Sure SM7B

Sure SM57 (x4)

Sure SM58 (x3)

Sennheiser MKH415 shot gun mic + boom poll

Wireless and wired lavalier microphones.

Gibson GA-20RVT Guitar Amp

Fender Twin Reverb Guitar Amp

Fender Blues Junior Guitar Amp

Fender Vibro Champ Guitar Amp

Hartke LH1000 Bass Amp

Sonar Bop drum set

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch drum set

Roland RD170 Keyboard

Synth and software instruments

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